TCHS Alumni Association


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Welcome to the TCHS Alumni Association

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The TCHS Alumni Association was reactivated in 2004 as the result of the proceeds from the Combined Reunion of the Classes of 62, 63 and 64. Over 300 alumni gathered at the Baldassari Regency that day with a commitment to establish a worthwhile and lasting "gift" - one that would have a permanent impact on students and staff - past, present and future - and the symbol we hold so dear, our alma mater.

With the blessing of then principal, Priscilla Dawson, the Association assumed its rightful place as the official alumni representative of TCHS. We continue to meet with each principal thereafter with an introduction and a single question, "What can we do to help TCHS."

Our first few years resulted in the presentation of scholarships to students who were judged on their response to the following question: "What will you do after graduation to reach back and give back to your school and your community." Most recently, the Association responded to the need of a student who, due to the illegal immigration status of his mother, was deemed ineligible for scholarships to continue his education. The Association made a donation towards his tuition which helped finalize his enrollment at MCCC. Our Association President personally covered the cost of the young man's books.

Maria Jones, President TCHS Alumni Association

In 2006 we held our first Awards Banquet recognizing not only TCHS alumni such as Sarah Dash and Jeff Laurenti but current students, community groups, volunteers and a special award of recognition to TCHS herself.

The Association continues to serve as the initial contact for not only former students but family doing research on behalf of others. For example, we helped one woman, who contacted us on behalf of her mother's search for a missing half sister. The only lead these out-of-towners had was the word "Bobashela." We found the sister's name in our directory and was informed by the daughter that the two sisters were in the process of reuniting.

We are the resource for alumni seeking transcripts, year books, pictures, and more. Thanks to the immeasurable assistance of Karen Wellons in the TCHS office, what is needed can usually be found.

As we move forward through the work of a vital and inspired Core Team, the Association is looking to its membership as well as the current student body to help celebrate the 80th anniversary of the main campus. While the official date is January 1932, the Association is committed to celebrating this milestone commencing the summer of 2011 and continuing throughout 2012. In the end, and along the way, we intend to restore TCHS to her Grand Dame status - maybe not physically but definitely in our hearts and minds. And this will take all - the community, the alumni, friends, staff and students. This year we will restore our tradition of giving each member of the senior class his/her first alumni membership card. It is their key to so much more - a connection to home; though even if far away from our shores, the Association is there to aid.

The TCHS Alumni Association remains committed to "reach back and give back" but also to move forward with pride in and the spirit of the Red and Black. Go Tornadoes.